May Events



Game of Dragons
Murder Mystery Dinner
at Prohibition Texas
June 23rd @ 7pm
Join us for an evening of fun, food and MURDER!

Mystery Synopsis:

Over the last century, the Ethos Realm has become more disordered and tumultuous. The relationships between the six kingdoms have deteriorated, but with the impending marriage between the House of Langstone and Tyrele, there is hope for peace and unity.Queen Crestian Langstone has invited all royal families from the Ethos Realm to the Castle of Westerfell to join in celebration the night before her son’s wedding.It is curious that some of the invited guests have previously been banished or have fled the Kingdom of Westerfell for fear of their lives, but for some peculiar reason, they have accepted the queen’s invitation and will attend the festivities. Does the queen have ill-intentions, or is she turning over a new leaf and extending the olive branch to her former foes?

This is where your story begins. 

Dinner will be served in three courses with a welcome cocktail to kick off this event with class!

 (This is a set menu, Please inform us if you or a guest has any food allergies)

Please wear your best medieval attire to the event! (But not required, just makes it all the more FUN!) 

Please note this is AN INTERACTIVE GAME.  All guests will be assigned a character and must participate in order to maximum entertainment for all involved.

The event is $45 per person which includes dinner, game play and a handcrafted welcome cocktail. 

Ages 21+

(All other cocktails sold separately)

Seating is limited ~ Pre-payment is required

All cancellations must be done at least 48 hours prior to the event for a refund 

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